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U.S. farm production expenditures and farmland values rise - American farmers spent $367.3 billion to run their businesses in 2013, up 2 percent from the previous year according to the USDA. Crop expenditures in 2013 were up 0.9 percent, while livestock farm expenditures increased 3.4 percent. Farmland values also have increased. U.S. farm real estate is now valued at an average of $2,950 per acre. In the Appalachian region, the average farm real estate value was $4,320 per acre.  More at our farm news page>>
North Carolina approves fees for woodland plans - The N.C. Board of Agriculture recently approved fees for woodland management plans, following a directive from the state General Assembly. Woodland plans will have a base fee of $45. In addition, there will be a fee of $3 per acre for forest management plans and forest stewardship plans, both of which are comprehensive plans. Practice plans, which are simpler plans that usually address just one management practice, will cost $2 per acre in addition to the base fee.  More at our farm news page>>
US tractor sales up 6 percent in July - According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturer's monthly "Flash Report," the sale of all tractors in the U.S. for July 2014, were up 6% compared to the same month last year. For the seven months in 2014, a total of 125,296 tractors were sold which compares to 121,763 sold thru July 2014, representing a 3% increase year to date. More at our farm news page>>
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Hay production down approx. 20 percent in WV - Yields of hay for farmers in the Mountain State are not anywhere near 2013 levels. A recent report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service office of the USDA indicates all other hay production (excluding alfalfa and alfalfa mixtures) in West Virginia is forecast at 880,000 tons, down 203,000 tons from 2013. The area harvested is expected to total 550,000 acres, down 20,000 acres from the previous year. Average yield per acre is forecast at 1.6 tons, down 0.3 tons from 2013.  More at our farm news page>>
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